Dear Calypso (Prod. Esteban Santiago)

by SY6IL

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Dear Calypso


Verse 1

See I'm back in the same place, it's been 8 days

since we called or talked I wanna say thanks

for ripping my heart and just taking a piece

and when you say forever it'll change in a week,

thanks for making me think, we were in this together

you promised never to leave, "Ya we're better but D,

better isn't enough, ya we might be fine but we're missin

the trust, here's my towel I give up, what else

is there to discuss?" "Whatchu want me to say?"

"Do you want me to lie?" "Ya it's fine and ok"

Well pardon me, I just thought for a sec,

It wasn't to far fetched, or hard to expect you'd follow

through, on your meaningless word I swallow two

ounces of pride and fall on you. I expected you to be

there but land on my face.


CHASE! What happened to you cuz yoo back in the day,

you cried when I left, said I was your everything

LOOK! I have a text! You were lying I guess

"Just a high school love, wast of time and an Ex

your hair tie that I've kept is still on my key chain,

a couple notes from each grade

And in this flow every lines from the heart,

And just know you were mine from the start

Dear Calypso...Til death do us part


released February 12, 2012
Prod. Esteban Santiago

Verse 2

Ya I'm mad and I'm bitter, blocked you on Facebook,

so I'll tag you on twitter, send you this song

# you're a quitter, take a photo of us burn half of the

picture, but it's sad cuz i miss ya!

You know they everything will be okay in the end and if

it isn't ok then it isn't the end, but darling when you

come in town and you visit again, before you text

you wanna see me, before you hit send, YOU STOP AND

YOU THINK! When I wanted to talk you weren't

responding to me, and how "I'm just not the person that

you want me to be" and listen to your friends that got

a problem with me, and how we really don't click I

bring you down I'm a dick, and ever hour I tick, you off

and make you mad imma downer and shit, you only want

me when you need something O how'd I forget?

In love you need to selfless, my love your just selfish,

I felt this, helpless, feeling and hell it's starting to take

its toll, we're hookah that's frayed and old, time to just

change the bowl,

So Dear Calypso, Kelsie, Sweetheart,

Sure you're waiting for the day that we part,

Ya you nag and persist, well imma grant you you're

wish, cuz I've had it with this,

Dear Calypso...I no longer exist.



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SY6IL Las Vegas, Nevada


Album dropping 2/29/12 called Sober Thoughts Of An Inebriated Mind

Las Vegas

Team Watson


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