Streets Are Empty (Prod. G​.​Reed)

by SY6IL

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Streets Are Empty
Off Sybil's album Sober Thoughts Of An Inebriated Mind dropping 2/29/12


Verse 1

Better lock the door, me I'm ready for war,

dis me motherfucker I'll settle the score,

make these motherfuckers wish they never said it

before, got machetes and more, I'll leave ya head on the

floor. It's Union motherfucker and Coast to Coast, we aint

known to boast but what the fuck you faggots know

about lyrical ability, syllables in symmetry, metaphors and

similes, Sybil spit despicably, you faggots so whack, slow

rap, over used vocab, everybody knows that, I blow kisses

to critics, flow known as the sickest, so cold and its

wicked, I aint going no where but keep hoping and

wishin, my words are like bullets I just aim the tech, and

destroy the next rapper tryin to gain respect, why the

fuck this faggot cocky he aint make it yet..

Verse 2

These are the Sober Thoughts Of An Inebriated Mind,

if you got a conscience better leave it behind,

cuz I see that my filter aint easy to find

You people act like you never seen the devil before

or heard an emcee with this level of gore

So parentals advised, these istrumentals arise

and i'm dementing the minds, comin through your

headphones or play in ya speakers, I aint even fucking

human Sybil maybe a creature, teacher to each and

everyone that eveyrone that ever listened to me,

it's like I live in a beat, Sybil deliver the speech

insane raw sick imma little of each,

I voice my opinion I give a fuck if i offend

its your choice if you listen, Im perfecting my craft

and resurrecting my past, so experience in life can

reflect in my rap, Im either Van Gogh, or Poe of the music

flow cold and intrusive,

And who'd of thought that I'd see success

and people really like to hear me confess

stuff that's on my mind and how I need my ex

and how I scheme and I dream just to be the best

A lot of local rappers on the top of the menu

They get slaughtered with no problem then the Saga



released February 25, 2012
Produced by G.Reed



all rights reserved


SY6IL Las Vegas, Nevada


Album dropping 2/29/12 called Sober Thoughts Of An Inebriated Mind

Las Vegas

Team Watson


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